SE Cornwall Lib Dems Celebrate Richmond Park Triumph

Local Liberal Democrats are today celebrating the by-election triumph of Sarah Olney, the new Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park, in the by-election that took place on Thursday, December 1st.

Phil Hutty, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for South East Cornwall, said: “The stunning result in Richmond Park comes on the back of a string of successful council by-election results throughout the country. If repeated here in South East Cornwall, it would see the seat return to the Lib Dems – as would all the other seats across Cornwall.

“The result mirrors what our team is hearing on the doorstep day in and day out: the days of Tory dominance is coming to an end and we are ready to stand up and fight for Cornwall in a way the Tories are failing every day. Sarah and her team have done us all proud.”

On the present boundaries, the swing required by the Liberal Democrats to re-take the South East Cornwall seat is 16.9%

The full result in Richmond Park:

Sarah Olney (Liberal Democrat)                                20,510     (49.6%, +30.3%)
Zac Goldsmith (Independent)                                    18,638     (45.1%, – 13.1%)
Christian Wolmar (Labour)                                            1,515      (3.7%,   -8.6%)
Howling Laud Hope (Monster Raving Loony                184       (0.4%)
Fiona Syms (Independent)                                                173       (0.4%)
Dominic Stockford (Christian Peoples)                           164       (0.4%)
Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir (One Love)                     67       (0.2%)
David Powell (No label)                                                        32       (0.1%)

Majority:             1,872 (4.5%)

Turnout:              41,283   (53.5%, -23%)

Swing:                   21.7% Con to LD 

(Changes since the 2015 General Election)


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