Local MP slammed for opposing help for the disabled

Political leaders across South East Cornwall have united with disability campaigners, in opposition to their local MP Sheryll Murray’s behaviour in ‘talking out’ a new Law which could have helped those with disabilities use taxis. Last Friday, the Conservative MP used a procedure to ‘talk out’ the Bill in the House of Commons which ensured that there was no time for a vote on the issue.

The Bill was supported by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Charity and MPs from across Parliament.

Phil Hutty, Mrs Murray’s Liberal Democrat opponent in South East Cornwall said:
‘I am astonished that our MP chose to kill this Bill by talking for so long, giving no time for a vote. She would have known how difficult it would have been to get a Private members Bill through having herself succeed in the past getting legislation into law. It is hard to understand why she did this to such a sensible Bill supported by the guide dog for the blind charity, when it could help so many. Mrs Murray needs to explain why she used this tactic.’

Charles Boney, Chair of the local Liberal Democrats said: ‘We support the protest being organised in Liskeard near Mrs Murray’s office at 1pm on Tuesday 22nd November. The problems of those with disabilities being refused taxi rides cannot be ignored. A real issue exists which needs sorting out instead of engaging in Parliamentary games”.

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